Five Things You Desperately Need to Know if You Want to Understand Yours Truly

Hello fellow bloggers, viewers, travelers, writers, experiencettes of the world!
I am Tiara DeGuzman, a student at Rutgers University who is pursuing a degree that will hopefully (hopefully) allow her to get a super cool writing/communication job based in A BIG CITY- New York, Philadelphia, Seattle or Paris preferred.


I am abundantly enthusiastic, motivated and vivacious and I must be. My current jobs as an intern, a Residential Assistant, an ambassador and an event writer require me to communicate with people on a daily basis, to get out there and see the world! And that is exactly what I intend to do. I have given this blog thing a try a couple of times before: once focusing on religion, once focusing on travel writing…what I learned from those experiences is that my writing cannot be contained! I need to view all aspects of the world through words, and this blog is just that. It is a compendium of my writings, everything from event writing to published fiction to opinion. I am excited, and I encourage you to read and share as much as you would like. But, before I end, as promised:


1. I love words and most of my favorite ones are made up. Therefore, do not get upset if I use a word like experiencette or tastality. Everyone has their personal style and I love adding more words to the dictionary (as well as writing properly in the words I already know of course).


2. I am a traveler at heart. When I say that I love to travel I mean it! I have traveled to seven countries in the last three years and taken many mini- trips Philly, New York, D.C., etc. I love the feeling of even going to a new restaurant or staying in a new hotel. New is my thing, and change therefore is a sweet friend of mine!

3. I’m strange but not so strange that I’m unapproachable…but strange enough to be considered a person who is quirkier and more passionate than Zooey Descanel. I also ramble.

4. I love to read! Look forward to a LOT of book reviews. I read books constantly and I do not only read the fancy literary fiction masterpieces that usually attract college students who like to read. Seriously. A lot of my books will either have a mermaid or a woman in heels on the cover. The woman in heels is usually accompanied by a title like “Fancy Living: How to dress to impress in the City.” In other words, catchy title colon actual subject.

5. I am a huge foodie and love to taste and drink new things. My go to’s: noodles of all types (pho, spaghetti, miso, hand pulled, hand drawn, etc.) and PASTRIES. I have the hugest sweet tooth known to man. It is impossible for me to head over the river to Philly without getting at least a  truffle from Reading Terminal Market’s Flying Monkey, which I would highly recommend.

So there are five fun facts about me. Any quirky facts about you that you’d like to share? Send it in!

Until next time ❤


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