Never Miss Out On a Philly Event Again!

Are you like me? Do you get insanely upset, jealous and pouty when you miss an event going in our city? Do you say things like “THAT WAS GOING ON? But, I was a block away!” and “That doesn’t look fun. I’m glad I missed it?” Well then, my friend, do I have advice for you.



1.…Not only does this website have a list of awesome places to eat, watch and do- it also has a list of the most popular attractions for tourists and for students new to Philadelphia, a page entitled “Phillyosophy” which attempts to sum up the heart and soul of the city, and a front page link to my next suggestion…

2. Uwishunu…I love this site primarily because it stuffs all the events of the week into extremely long posts which just goes to show how much is really going on in Philly. If you look at the calendar, you can find an event at any moment for any time of the day.

3. Philadelphia Weekly Events Page…Speaking of overwhelming, Philadelphia Weekly is one of the best sites to go to if you convince yourself there is nothing to do. Reality check! Just for today, the events page runs over 10 different pages of information on what’s going on. I love this paper because it is undiscriminating. It covers everything from mainstream shows to late night adult soirees.

4.Campus Philly…Though Campus Philly gears its services toward college students and just-out-of-college working professionals, the website can cater to anyone who loves to get out into Philly, have a great time time, meet new people and try new things. Under their things to do tab, there are articles and calendars filled with activities and celebrations and free food finds that you must try!

5. Interested in literary events?…For my fellow book nerds, Philadelphia is the neighborhood for you! As a literary event writer at the Apeiron Review (which is a Philadelphia based magazine) I am called to constantly be aware of the events that celebrate everything from writers birthdays to free readings to drunken poetry nights. Two of the websites that keep me on my literary toes are Apiary Magazine’s Philly Lit page and Both offer events for every night that help you to get out and about and into the literary landscape. Highly recommended!

Did these help? I hope they did! Never will you have to say “I would have gone” or “I’m bored” again. My advice: make sure to favorite these websites. Content constantly shifts and new things are always happening in the City of Brotherly Love.

Me at Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre’s Production of A Midsummer Nights Dream– found out about the event from Campus Philly’s Open Arts page.


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