Blog, Baby, Blog!

Ten Reasons Why You Should Force Yourself to Blog Today

This blog is for the inadequate bloggers- the bloggers who wake up in the morning with a handwritten note on their bedside table that reminds them to “blog today damn it” and then they go about their day, write down ten new blog post ideas and watch Hell’s Kitchen while eating chocolate chip cookie dough from the carton and feeling guilty about their existence. It is one thing if your blog is so popular that you are almost required by your fans to keep up with the blog. However, if you are one of the bloggers who woke up one day and just decided out of nowhere to create a blog on video game reviews or your mother’s old recipes, and now your stuck with it and you’re trying to continue on…this post is for you.

  1. All writers/bloggers struggle with motivation…The portrait of the creator in books and movies is one that shows compulsion. Artists build in one, long frenzy without eating, drinking or relaxing until they finishes their project. Though this is definitely true for some people, a LOT of writers talk about having to force themselves to write. Don’t feel alone. It is a process, and the best writers realize this.

2. That being said…There should still be some sort of compulsion and motivation to write everyday. Even when I don’t write on my blog, I am writing down ideas or working on other projects (like my short story writing or writing through my internship). It is important to write everyday, even if no one is watching it. If you don’t feel this way, then maybe you should reconsider…

3. What is your motivation? My honest opinion is that you should always look back at the reasons why you created a blog in the first place. Was it to become famous or was it to work on your craft? If fame is what your looking for, I would recommend another path. In the writing/blogging community, it is very easy to catch when bloggers are having fun with their writing and when bloggers are simply looking for more views and subscribers.

4. I considered my motivation and I’m still here. Well then, we can get started on the actual tips for your writing. Make sure to save them if they help and discard them if they don’t. Writing is a deeply individual process and certain tips and tricks help some, but not others. First tip:

5. Believe in Yourself. This is the biggest tip, right out the gate. If you don’t believe in your writing, if you don’t believe that it has the power to delight, inspire or even stir up controversy among your readers, then it will show in your writing. Believe in your ability and believe in what you have to say. This is why you should, also, do yourself a favor and…

6. Write what you love. Choose a focus that shows off your passion, and make sure it is something that is consistent. This is something I really struggle with since, as of now, I am a college student and this means I am dibbling and dabbling in various subjects and falling in love with each of them. I think that in the end honesty is the most important thing. If you have a food blog, but you keep straying and talking about technology in the middle of a recipe, then it is time to sit down and figure out what your passions are and how to integrate them into a blog that makes sense. Don’t be afraid to explain your many interests to your readers. If they are following you, they are already on board with your writing.

7. Feeling unmotivated? Just Write anyway. Write through boredom, happiness, sadness, enjoyment, laziness, craziness, anxiety, excitement and joy. Bring a note pad with you everywhere. Write down ideas in the bathroom, in the kitchen while your cooking, in the dressing room after putting on a great dress, at the intermission of a show. Write, especially, when you intend to and your sitting in front of your laptop wondering where to go with your topic. Remember that sometimes you have to make it through confusion to reach treasure.

8. Once you start I promise it gets better. Just like with exercise, I start off feeling unmotivated. I change into my workout clothes, set up my equipment, stretch, sit, and then groan, wondering if I should just give up and read a book. Then, the second that I start that first push up or dance move…I feel wonderful and want to keep going. The best feeling comes afterwards when you realize that you did something you were too afraid (or lazy) to do at the time. The feeling of accomplishment is amazing! Blogging is like that. The A+ results start with that first key tap on your laptop.

9. Find what inspires you and use it! Collect blogs, quotes, books, movies and writing that you can refer to when you need a little boost of encouragement. Think about what you read that got you excited about writing, and refer to it. This is not a tool to compare yourself to others. This should instead remind you of the importance of your individual voice.

10. Lastly, don’t be afraid to show yourself in your writing. In other words, make your own rules. Blog, baby, blog- Writing inferno! It’s okay to be silly, it’s okay to be weird and it’s very much okay to have an opinion that no one else has. Stand out and don’t ask yourself how you can become a better and more motivated blogger like her or like him, but rather: how can you become the best blogger that you, personally, can be!If that means you will only write once a month, that is very much okay- don’t feel bad for creating your own system. Keep this mantra: Make your own rules, break your own rules and keep writing always. I promise you won’t regret it.


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