A Reflection: On Writing in the Morning

The early morning has always held a sense of wonder for me. I used to rise around 5 am as a high school student to catch the bus at 7:00, and I remember looking out the window, watching the sun rise, sneaking sentences from my favorite books in between tooth brushing and showering and eating. I also remember writing some of my most beautiful pieces during those early mornings. And by beautiful, I mean honest. Brutally honest. Before the lens of the day is put on (the lens that requires me, and all of us, to act in a certain way, think in a certain way and create in a certain way) I feel the most free from the world, and for my writing that is exactly what I need. To transcend the world.

Of course, there are writers I know who love to feel fully in this world and its challenges when writing and of course, each project is different. However, I still believe in the power of sticking to a ritual sometimes especially when you notice that you write differently throughout the day. Writers, when you find a time of day that holds magic for you and your process, return as often as possible, ready to learn and fully present.

Below is a poem I once wrote about the calm, sweet quiet of the early morning. Enjoy!

“When I rise to write”

When I rise to write

the curse is broken

if words are spoken

before the thoughts hit the page

and stick.

Everyday clutter

washed, dried

hung in dreams

will only enter when the first words

are spoken.

When humanity begins

and this essence me,

is no longer full.

It is confused by whose

daughter that is, whose

lover that could be, whose

friend that will be.

Try to find me,

I dare you,

once I have uttered a word.


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