Self Care in PR: How to Do It and When to Start

When people think of high stress professions, they often bring up fire fighters, police officers, neurosurgeons and soldiers. Everyone knows that these jobs require quick thinking and good instinct, often because negligence can lead to someone’s death. Though Public Relations doesn’t usually involve saving someone’s life, it does require the ability to make decisions that can save a company’s reputation, and according to the stats this responsibility is extremely taxing. The google search “Public Relations stressful” has over 2 million hits and CareerCast voted the job of ‘Public Relations Executive’ the sixth most stressful job in America in 2014. There is no question that Public Relations Executives are overworked, often stressed and extremely prone to checking emails at dinner time. However, this culture does not have to continue. Here are some ways that we, at Our Diverse PR, want young Public Relations professionals to start “destressing.”

Consider: What do you do when you want to feel safe and relaxed? What show do you watch? What family member do you call? What side project do you work on? In the same way that we learn to set goals for our careers, we should start making plans for self care. Write down things that you love to do, and when you start to feel stressed, take a moment and do them!

Breathe: Just breathe. When we don’t, oxygen can’t reach our brains and we either pass out or burn out. Don’t let either happen to you. In that next emergency meeting about a client, take a breath, relax and remember that you have the skills to complete the task ahead.

The Time is NOW: One of my favorite stories of destressing is from Arianna Huffington, who wrote a full book based on the time she collapsed in her office from work exhaustion. Huffington quoted William James when she wrote “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” Do yourself a favor- take a moment now and instead of thinking “I will take care of myself later after this last project is finished”, think “I will take a moment out for me right now, because I deserve it- and I realize that my work will be better for it.”

Self Care is so important, especially in a field that requires a composed and rational mind in times of trouble. Take the pressure off, relax, get a coffee with an old friend and then get back to work ready to change the game!

To be Published @ Our Diverse PR Blog


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