5 Reasons You Should MEET UP with Open Arts Philly This Memorial Day

Originally published @ Open Arts Philly

On Monday, May 25th Open Arts wants to meet up with YOU! See below for 5 reasons to come hang out with us to celebrate Memorial Day at the National Constitution Center.

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  1.  Visit the National Constitution Center.
    Once a year on Memorial Day, families, students and history buffs arrive at the Constitution for a free day of learning, excitement and unadulterated fun! This year come witness the flag ceremonies, see free shows, play eighteenth century games, see the Bill of Rights, learn flag etiquette and thank a vet!Learn more about the weekend events. 
  2. Learn more about your country. We are offering you a history class as a live and in-action learning experience! On Memorial Day, hang out with the Open Arts team and learn about your country (you know, just in case you ever make it on Jeopardy). Learn about the history of Memorial Day and the history of how America became America. Visit the home of Betsy Ross, the creator of the American flag, whose house resides in Old City.
  3. Meet the new Open Arts interns.
    A great reason to visit the Constitution Center this Memorial Day is to meet your new Open Arts interns: I am Tiara, the new events and marketing intern and my partner Olivia is the social media and online promotions intern.  Meet Olivia and I at 12:00 pm in the beautiful, outdoorsy Independence Mall Café. Drink some java, get some free Campus Philly swag and hang out with us before heading over to the National Constitution Center. Register to attend the meetup and Memorial Day event!
  4. Learn more about Campus Philly’s Open Arts Program.
    Open Arts brings you discounted tickets to amazing museums, plays, concerts and festivals. Open Arts serves college students throughout the Greater Philadelphia area and helps them to engage with Philadelphia’s art scene. Write a poem and present it at a poetry slam. Sink in the plushy seats of the Wilma Theater for a play that will make you think. Grab a painting or a street food masterpiece at      InLiquid’s upcoming art fair. Interested?  If you attend one of our partner colleges, you can get free membership! Send us an emailhere to get a membership code, and then visit our site to choose fun events to attend.
  5. Get more than free tickets, get connected!
    We get it! You’re in college, and free is your new favorite word. Though you are already receiving both free and discounted tickets to some of the most wonderful events throughout Philadelphia, you are also getting the chance to network with students all over the Greater Philadelphia area and receive information about upcoming events. There is nothing like being a part of the Philly arts and culture scene and we, as your Open Arts team, are excited to connect you with some of the greatest venues and events throughout the city.

This summer, we’re here to answer your questions about fun events around the city and bring you exclusive events and promotions. Expect to learn and hear more from us soon, but until then I think I speak for both of us when I say that we are excited to meet up with you and help you become a greater part of the arts and culture scene in Philadelphia! Email us and we would be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to hanging out with you!


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