Productive Travel and Taking Breaks


Books to Inspire

And so…it always comes back to books. I figured I would let you in on some of the books I’ve been reading to guide my internofme journey this summer. Ready?

1. Good to Great by Jim Collins
2. The Art of Conformity by Chris Guillebeau
3. Firestarter Sessions by Danielle Laporte
4. Desire Map by Danielle Laporte
5. Born for This by Chris Guillebeau
6. Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim
7. Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow by Marsha Sinetar
8. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
9. RIsing Strong by Brene Brown
10. Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
11. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I use these books to figure out my life goals, find the best ways to give back, connect to my creativity, understand the inner workings of running a business, align my goals with who I want to be, center myself in the center of my dreams and create actions to accomplish my goals.

Have you read or are you currently reading any books that helped you to understand more about your brand, and what you have to offer, as a professional?

The Guide to the Informational Interview PART ONE

My original goal was to have an informational interview every 2 weeks during my summer. Then, I began contacting people that I admired- professionals whose work has captivated me and honestly made me wonder: how in tarnation have they made a living doing this? The response has been amazing!

Since the beginning of my summer (only four weeks ago), I have had six informational interviews. I have learned from a whole bunch of people and made some great connections in the process! The experience has just reaffirmed my passion for spreading the gospel of info interviews.

The benefits are endless. Informational interviews are freaking awesome, and I’m here to answer your biggest question: What’s all the hype? Why should you run out and connect with someone today for an informational interview? Well:

They connect you with your people
The people I target for informational interviews are the crazy-passionate, super determined, givers in their field. They love people and what they’re doing, and that permeates the work! These are my people, and I can let you know first hand- it feels amazing to connect with your people. Whether you’re looking to crunch numbers with execs or join the enthusiastic, people- loving hoard of those in student affairs- there are people for you. With the informational interview, you can connect to those people and learn a bunch about where you should go!

They show you what you shouldn’t do
Throughout my interviews, I have learned a lot of things about the path to becoming a full time freelancer. Some of the best lessons have come from hearing people’s mistakes! I have heard a lot of the same mistakes in the interviews, and I intend to watch out for these pitfalls in my own career.

They show you that it’s possible
I believe in speaking out my dreams/goals, so I’m always telling people that I want to be a freelance writing and speaker. Often the responses I get include: “Is that really a job?” or “Do people actually make a living doing this?” I would stick up for myself and say yes…without knowing ANYONE actually making a living doing this. Representation is super important and will help you to visualize where you could be with some hard work and perseverance.

Now, that you’re convinced- how can you get an informational interview and make a connection to remember? Stay tuned for the next post up soon!


Take advantage of the free stuff! Free online branding classes, meet ups in your city, student discounted tickets, conference tickets through volunteering- use these opportunities to further yourself and your brand without breaking the bank!

The Importance of Breaks

I am currently in Sweden on a three week visit, and I have to say: focusing on branding and products and posting is much harder when your faced with ample time to read, eat great food and see beautiful sights!

Though travel has changed my work schedule, I am still dedicating time to generating ideas and growing more self aware about where I would like to go as a professional.


Sweden has given us a lot of things (Spotify, Ikea, Skype, Abba, etc.). The one thing I find most valuable, however, are the words! Two words especially have guided my experience of the working world: fika and lagom. Fika is a custom that involves actively taking breaks over coffee and amazing pastries. Lagom means the joy of experiencing everything in moderation.

These two words will be the guides for how I work in Sweden over the next few weeks.

I will take breaks to read, to explore, to immerse myself into a culture that I find fascinating and to connect to others…. while also letting lagom rule. I will work on my various projects- I will be my own intern…while aso letting lagom rule. I will stay from burn out OR unproductive activities at all costs.

This is what traveling as my own intern has taught me 🙂

So, how have you/are you going to navigate working on your projects while also enjoying the summer?


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