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Diane Larcheveque

The best thing I can give you on this New Year’s Eve is permission to just BREATHE. I will not give you an inspirational post, a top-five of how to make your resolutions stick or a new method, a new technique, a new exercise. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in achieving and measuring that we forget we made it to a new year. Congratulations! You are here, and I am here. Congratulations! You had your ups and downs this year, but you’re still here and tonight when you’re watching the fireworks crackle and you feel that sense of AWE- don’t push that awesome feeling away for a cheaper word like SUCCESS or MONEY. It’s a miracle that you and I are here. It’s a miracle that we have made it into 2017.

If I can stray you away from the goal planners for just a moment- when you look at the sky tonight or you prep in front of the TV with your spouse with a bag of popcorn and a big glass of wine to watch the ball drop- think of the words that you want to guide you this year. Think of what your theme will be! Will you be focused on “Moving Up?” What does that mean to you? Will you be the word “FINALLY?” Well, finally what? What are the things that you want to dedicate yourself to, who are the people that you want to show more love to, what are the causes that you will fight for? Great people ask great questions, so how will you reflect on this past year tonight, and how will you freely and calmly (no grueling or bloody sweat needed here) intend for 2017 to be?


I don’t know about you, but I intend for a lot more grace in my life. Last year was the persistent push for me to understand where I’m going, and do as many projects I love; this year will be the time to “settle in.” This year will mean using my time wisely, dedicating myself to projects I am crazy about, showing more love to others and really stepping into my purpose as a storyteller through many different mediums. This year will mean about enjoying myself, learning to fully “settle in” to myself: who I am, and who I’m turning into. How will you spend time in awe and gratefulness tonight? What will be your theme for this year?



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