Though there are many questions to consider in a good workshop- I especially like to focus on these two:

(1) Who are you? AND (2) How can you serve?

As a workshop facilitator, I enjoy leading groups to answer these questions and more through the use of meditative journaling, visualization, creativity and activism. Every workshop I hold is intersectional- steeped in feminist ideas and values. It is my belief that ALL our identities matter, and because they matter they inevitably affect how, and what, we choose to advocate for in our daily lives.

That being said, check out the modules below to see what types of workshops I offer. I am currently based in Columbus, Ohio; but I am originally from the North East, and would be willing to travel in that region and the Mid-West. If you would like to see who I have worked with before, click HERE, or you can CONTACT ME here for rates, workshop outlines, and other information.

Topics of Interest: Self-Love, Feminism, Intersectionality, Allyship, Black Women’s Issues, Women of Color in the Workplace, Radical Goal Setting, What is Your Brand of Activism?, Storytelling to Heal, Resisting Respectability Politics, Activism Training

Workshop Modules

Allyship 101: Using Your Privilege to Advocate for Others…We all have privilege in one way or another. Our greatest mission is to find out where we have privilege, and to advocate for those who don’t. This workshop will help you to acknowledge your privilege, and give you the tools to become a better ally in a safe, but accountable, environment.

What is Your BRAND of Activism? Whether it’s protest, or workshops, or writing, or tweeting- everyone has a different way that they advocate for others. What will yours be? This interactive workshop will help you to determine the best ways that you can advocate, and everyone will leave with a personalized plan of action.

I’m Sick and Tired: Navigating Identity-Based Battle Fatigue…Utilizing meditative journaling and group discussion- this workshop will focus on healing through micro-aggressions, and tough circumstances. Attendees will leave with a personalized self-care plan, and a greater understanding of how their identities show up in their day to day lives.

“Containing Multitudes”: Understanding How Your Identities Work Together to Make You- YOU…Everyone has a combination of privileged and oppressed identities that work together to create their experience. This course asks attendees to be reflective of those experiences, and focuses on practicing self care for your oppressed identities and advocacy for your privileged identities. Introductory Course.

#BlackGirlThriving…Mammy, Jezebel, Sapphire, Angry Black Women- historically, black women have been forced into myths that we did not choose. This workshop is about taking those myths back! In this space, we will discover how to overcome other’s expectations of us, and define our needs and dreams in an inclusive all black, female space.

Your Choice! In the past, I have done workshops on everything from cultivating the power of introspection to utilizing meditative journaling to cope with racial battle fatigue. These workshops focus on intersectional feminism, self-care, and authentic living! That being said, I would love to work with you to create a program that works best with the needs of you and your organization. Click HERE to see an example of a workshop outline I created for a recent conference. Contact me here, and I’d be happy to create a workshop curated to your organization’s needs!