Tiara Regine DeGuzman

Writer/Speaker/Educator Developing Aware Leaders


Though there are many questions to consider in a good workshop- I especially like to focus on these two:

(1) Who are you? AND (2) How can you serve?

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For instance- my name is Tiara! I identify as a black, college educated woman who loves to read, and travel. I serve by providing workshops, writing and research that can help people lead and advocate for others in better ways!

As a workshop facilitator, I enjoy combining social justice with leadership development. It is my belief that ALL our identities matter, and because they matter they inevitably affect how, and what, we choose to advocate for in our leadership.

That being said, check out the modules below to see what types of workshops I offer. Each workshop has a description beside it, and defines the ultimate takeaway (in other words, the knowledge or physical takeaway that you will leave the workshop with). I am currently based in the Greater Philadelphia area, and in July of 2017 I’ll be moving to the Mid-West!

If you would like to see who I have worked with before, click HERE, or you can CONTACT ME here for rates, curricula and other information.

Topics of Interest: Self-Love, Feminism, Intersectionality, Allyship, Black Women’s Issues, Women of Color in the Workplace, Radical Goal Setting, What is Your Brand of Activism?, Storytelling to Heal, Resisting Respectability Politics, Activism Training

Workshop Modules

Allyship 101: Using Your Privilege to Advocate for Others…We all have privilege in one way or another. Our greatest mission is to figure out where we have privilege, and to advocate for those who don’t. this workshop will help you to acknowledge your privilege, and give you the tools to become a better ally. TAKEAWAY: You will leave with a series of steps that you can take to start your path as an active ally.

Let’s Get Intersectional: Understanding How Your Identities Work Together to Make You- YOU…Coined by Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw, intersectionality is the concept that everyone has a combination of privileged and oppressed identities that work together to create their experience. Introductory Course. TAKEAWAY: You will leave with an intersectionality map that will help you reflect on your identities.

What is Your BRAND of Activism?…Whether it’s protest, or workshops, or writing, or tweeting- everyone has a different way that they advocate. What will yours be? TAKEAWAY: You will leave with a quiz that will help you to determine how you can best advocate for others.

RADICAL GOAL SETTING….It is radical to thrive as a marginalized person. It is radical to dream big as a marginalized person. this workshop will give you the tools and the space to realize, and create an action plan to hustle for your dreams. TAKEAWAYS: everyone will receive a radical goal setting action booklet that will help them to take action to achieve their career goals.

#BlackGirlThriving…Mammy, Jezebel, Sapphire, Angry Black Women- historically, black women have been forced into myths that we did not choose. This workshop is about taking those myths back! in this space, we will discover how to overcome other’s expectations for us, and define our needs and dreams in an inclusive all black, female space. TAKEAWAY: You will leave with a list of books, websites, and other resources that focus on black, female empowerment and education.

Navigating the Work Place as a Woman of Color…Through healing exercises, defining boundaries, and community, this workshop will help you to resist oppression and erasure in your place of work. TAKEAWAY: You will leave with a copy of “11 Ways to Thrive as a Woman of Color in the Workplace”- a guide of actions that you can take to thrive in your position.

Untitled- YOUR CHOICE…Do you need a race sensitivity training, a leadership workshop, a diversity workshop, or something else? Click HERE to see an example of a workshop outline I created for a recent conference. Contact me here, and I’d be happy to create a workshop curated to your organization’s needs!