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Tiara is a self-motivated writer with skill, enthusiasm, and a drive to continuously gain new experiences. As the editor of Apeiron Review there were many tasks pulling me in different directions. I knew I could count on Tiara to not only have a new article ready for me, but also a few ideas and plans in the works for more. Tiara is a competent, intelligent, and eager writer; having her at the magazine was a benefit and a pleasure.  -Meredith Davis, Apeiron Review Literary Magazine

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#JournalingGoals: Maximize Your Summer with a Practice of Presence


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Teaching Critical Leadership: On Challenging Student Assumptions about Leadership

Three Ways to Support Students with Invisible Disabilities

Reclaiming Spaces to Re-affirm Ourselves

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Crossing the Line: On Viola Davis’s Oscar Win

Sorry Rehab: 3 Ways Women Can Beat Sorry Syndrome


How to Keep Your RA From Losing Her Mind

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5 Resources to Stay in the Philly Literary Know

Traveling Tips for Book Nerds

Closing the Gap: Camden Comic Con 2015 

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Philly Out Loud: 3 Word-Worthy Events to Check Out

OA Interview: Artist Lavett Ballard at the Harvest Open Mic

An Open Letter to RAs

Networking Royalty at My Philly Summer

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Unapologetically Different at Rutgers-Camden for Trans-Visibility Day