“Tiara is a stellar presenter focused on uplifting those around her and developing exciting conversations to inspire others. She has a knack for knowing how to get everyone involved in the discussion and makes sure to give participants lots to think about! – Kathryn Lonczewski, Rutgers University-Camden, Office of Housing and Residence Life

Though there are many questions to consider in a good workshop- I especially like to focus on these two:

(1) Who are you? AND (2) How can you serve?

As a workshop facilitator, I enjoy leading groups to answer these questions and more through the use of meditative journaling, visualization, creativity and activism training. Every workshop I hold is intersectional- steeped in feminist ideas and values. It is my belief that ALL our identities matter, and because they matter they inevitably affect how, and what, we choose to advocate for in our daily lives.

That being said, check out the modules below to see what types of workshops I offer. I am currently based in Columbus, Ohio; but I am originally from the North East, and would be willing to travel in that region and the Mid-West. If you would like to see who I have worked with before, click HERE, or you can CONTACT ME here for rates, workshop outlines, and other information.

Topics of Interest: Self-Love, Feminism, Intersectionality, Allyship, Black Women’s Issues, Women of Color in the Workplace, Radical Goal Setting, What is Your Brand of Activism?, Storytelling to Heal, Resisting Respectability Politics, Activism Training

Past Select Credits

“Where’s My Place”: A Storytelling Event Led By Underground: A Social Justice Organization at Rutgers-Camden– March 2017

RECLAIMING OUR MINDS: Navigating Identity Based Battle Fatigure & Developing Self-Care Practice in Graduate School, Ohio College Personnel Association- January 2018

DON’T JUDGE THE PROCESS: Self Care & Emotional Processing 101, Intro to Student Affairs Course Guest Speaker, The Ohio State University- November 2017

Navigating Impostor Syndrome, Residence Life RAPOC Affinity Group, The Ohio State University- October 2017

Justice for All? A Workshop on Just Mercy, MUNDO, The Ohio State University- October 2017

BUCK-I JUST GOT HERE: Leaving Your Inclusion Legacy at OSU, First Year Experience Success Series, The Ohio State University- September 2017

“THE POWER OF YOUR OWN VOICE: Finding Your Brand of Activism”, Continuing the Legacy Conference, TEENSHARP Delaware- January 2017

#CHECKYOURROOTS: An Interactive Session on Privilege and Identity, West Virginia University, SSLI conference, MACUHO- October 2016… workshop on privilege and intersectionality, focusing specifically on the power that Resident Assistants hold- and how they can best support their residents.Image result for ssli conference west virginia

IDENTIFYING PRIVILEGE: Race, Gender, Sexuality at “A Call to Action: Symposium Against Violence, Rutgers Camden- October 2016…this session focused on intersectionality and how each individual person’s oppressed and privileged identities influences their particular experience in the United States.

FOUNDER AND HOST OF THE LET IT BURN SERIES, Rutgers Camden- Sept  2015…This four-part semester long discussion series created a space to discuss social justice issues on campus and beyond. The Let it Burn concept promotes discomfort or “burning” as a necessary process to creating change within yourself and the world.

PRESENTER AT BUFFY TO BATGIRL CONFERENCE; ‘FEMALE PROTAGONISTS IN BLUEBEARD: THE CONSTRUCTED MODERN FEMALE AND HER BLOODY CHAMBER, Rutgers Camden- MAY 2014…This paper focused on female shame and lack of autonomy in Angela Carter’s short story “Bloody Chamber.”